Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yummy Chicken Salad

This looks kinda nasty but is super yummy!! Of course, with me I don't have measurements, lol. So, lets wing it! I have tried this with dark meat only and with white meat only. To me, the dark meat was better, it wasn't as dry but that is just me. Everyone at work loved it the first time I made it (with the dark meat).

Use your own judgement on quanities...

boiled chicken, picked free of skin & bone, shredded.
water chestnuts cut into small pieces
purple grapes or green grapes or both purple & green, sliced into fours
garlic roasted almonds, chopped or sliced

Mix ingredients, serve cold with wheat crackers or on a cressant.


  1. Yum Sam this looks so good! I have never made it with grapes or almonds but you can believe I will be!

  2. I got to thinking, I bet it would be good with small diced apples instead of the water chestnuts!! I'm gonna have to try that!